jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Playing the MEME GAME

Hi! I've been tagged, so it's my turn to share a few facts about myself. Here goes...

1) Even though I am a thirty something gal, I really do love Disney! I had the chance to visit it as a kid, a teen, a married woman and lately as a mom. One of the most wonderful places to share with my kid! I hope I can go back to share it with my younger son.

2) I love using technology in my class. I am a current 5th grade teacher, and motivating my kids is a daily challenge for me. I hope I can use tech more often, just as much as textbooks and writing activities.

3) During my school life I practised all sports acyivities. After school I stopped! UNTIL 2010. This year I started playing hockey again in my school's club, and I really LOVE it! Just holding my hockey stick, and stepping into the pitch made me feel young and exhilarating again!

Now it's time to tag Evan, Debbie and Dan

lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

Reflections - Letsblog2010

Online courses have been a blessed discovery for me.

I enjoy and love learning! Improving my teaching strategies and techniques through ways that my students feel motivated and ehanced is what I try to do.

My hectic yet wonderful way of life, does not leave much free "time" lefy to assist different classroom courses which timetables coincide with my daily life routine such as playing with my young kids, cooking for them, doing house chores, etc.

This is why I am really happy to be able to participate in different distance courses such as Widen Your Classroom With Blogs. So far on the course, I have learned about TAGS in a way that makes sense to me now; as well as reading and learning about words that I've heard or read before but didn't know exactly what they meant or referred to. Thanks to this course I have accessed different webpages which I will use in future school lessons!

But most of all, I reconfirm that constant feedback to our students is essential. Jen and Illya are constantly answering our comments, doubts in a jiffy motivating us, students, to keep posting and writing knowing that we will be heard immediately! Thanks!

Online courses allow me to keep on learning and expanding my teaching skills and views and at the same time carry on with my family routines without interrupting my precious time with the,. Allowing to organise my time according to my "free" time is one of the most precious parts of these kind of courses. As well as meeting new people, specially from all over the world, which allows sharing and learning in different and nutrious ways.

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010


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