jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Playing the MEME GAME

Hi! I've been tagged, so it's my turn to share a few facts about myself. Here goes...

1) Even though I am a thirty something gal, I really do love Disney! I had the chance to visit it as a kid, a teen, a married woman and lately as a mom. One of the most wonderful places to share with my kid! I hope I can go back to share it with my younger son.

2) I love using technology in my class. I am a current 5th grade teacher, and motivating my kids is a daily challenge for me. I hope I can use tech more often, just as much as textbooks and writing activities.

3) During my school life I practised all sports acyivities. After school I stopped! UNTIL 2010. This year I started playing hockey again in my school's club, and I really LOVE it! Just holding my hockey stick, and stepping into the pitch made me feel young and exhilarating again!

Now it's time to tag Evan, Debbie and Dan

1 comentario:

  1. First of all, I LOVE your science widgets!! Your kids will love you too when you show them your blog :-)
    I also like what you said about Disney. I never had the chance to go there and spent most of my childhood complaining about it. When my mom went without me once (I was in Europe having fun), I pouted for a long time!

    I just noticed the syska bar at the bottom - very cool!! I've never seen or used it before!